1)All documents of the vehicle, drivers and assistants in order;

2)Driver with course in SENAI or equivalent, for transportation of heavy cargoes.

3)Have safety panels, pursuant to Law 96.044, of May 18, 1988.

4)National Register of Terrestrial Transport of Goods (RTB). The vehicles shall have the number registered on the external side of the cabins.

5)The vehicle shall be in adequate conservation conditions, in relation to the cabin, break system, mechanics, electrics, tires, safety belts and general switch.

6)The loading of the packaged product may be performed in Truck and Truck with truck bed or Sider, being necessary to forward rope, canvas and hammer for the fixation of the product for transportation.

7)To have flame arrestor equipment for the exhaust.

8)Individual Protection Equipmenr (IPE) for drivers and assistants, being:
- safety boots or shoes (in leather);
- Long sleeved shirts;
- Long pants;
- Safety goggles;
- Hat.


9)Safety kit for the vehicle:
- 04 self-bearing signs (Danger - Keep Away);
- 50 meters of rope or wire;
- 02 wood wedges;
- 06 trestles or tripods for fixation of the rope or wire;
- 04 striped cones;
- 01 flashlight;
- 01 first aid kit.

Name: Phosphoric Acid
UN Classification: 1805
Risk Class: 08 (corrosive)
Risk group: iii(low)