.Food Industry:

• acidulant of sodas in general, especially in the cola and beers types;
• sugar whitening, flotation of syrup and refinement;
• chilled beefs and fixer of sausage dyes;
• supporting in the extraction of food jelly of animals collagen;
• degumming and stabilizer of eatable vegetal oils;
• manufacturing of food and technical phosphates (phosphorous salts);
• manufacturing and whitening of citric juices;
• source of phosphorous for biotechnological processes (production of biological yeasts);
• gelling agent of pectins for thickening of jams and fruit candies;
• monosodium glutamate;
• cleaner for removal of "white stone" in dairy equipment;
• salad dressing;
• pet food.

.Pharmaceutical Industry:

• support in the extraction of organic insulin;
• support in soap mixtures;
• manufacturing of glycerophosphates;
• source of phosphorous in fortifying tonics;
• manufacture of pharmaceuticals;
• nutrient, acidulant or buffering agent in microbiological operations, such as in the production of antibiotics;
• buffering agent in mouth washers.

.Industrial Applications:

• kaolin whitening;
• biodiesel;
• caprolactam;
• strippers or deoxidants;
• detergents;
• formulations of foliar fertilizers;
• nitro celluloses;
• pine oil;
• pigments and resins;
• chemical or electrochemical polishing of aluminum parts;
• active coal production and regeneration;
• production of dicalcic phosphate for animal food;
• refractory production;
• products for analyses - PA;
• ammonia recovery (Phosan);
• plastic resins;
• textile;
• biological treatment of effluents;
• metallic surfaces treatment.

.Agricultural Applications:

• solid fertilizers;
• liquid fertilizers;
• crushed phosphate;
• acid granulation of phosphate fertilizers;
• phosphate-18 for phosphate application of plantations with need of slow absorption.
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